Signal GH
for iOS


Monday, December 2, 2013

Dashed Lines indicate maximum quality

You want your signals

consistently above the red line.

Tune to multiple channels at once. Up to 8 tuners.

First thing to do:

take a full scan

to remove clutter of unavailable channels

Real channel number

Channel station advertises itself as

Station ID

  1. Version 1.4.1 had some severe issues when first installed and I’ve pulled it from sale.

  2. Signal GH is only useful for HDHomerun users located in the United States, Canada, Australia, parts of the European Union, and the Republic of China who are receiving over the air programming.

  3. On launch Signal GH should detect all HDHomerun’s on the local area network via Wi-Fi.

  4. The first thing to do is to touch the settings tab and press the Scan U.S. Over the Air Channels button

  5. Go to for a listing of channels you should be receiving. Turn those channels on under the settings tab.

  6. Adjust your equipment such that marginal channels (at least those you would actually watch) are consistently above the red line in the display.

  7. Using Signal GH to change a channel will disrupt any ongoing recording.

  8. Tapping on the graph will leave a thin grey vertical line as a time marker.

  9. Signal GH can be used to change the channel depending on the viewing software being used. I’ve done it with Vista Media Center but not Windows 7 Media Center

Click on the Graphs button to see Signal Strength